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PAN-PEK Ltd. is the leading company in the production of bakery products and confectionery. Years of experience, constant high quality of our products and skills of our experts have enabled PAN-PEK to become a market leader.

Pan-Pek, sjedište, Planinska bb.

Clear vision, consistent business policy, professionalism and significant financial investments have helped to achieve notable results in the development of our enterprise.


PAN-PEK is located in the wider city center of Zagreb, in Planinska 2C. We have built a new, high-tech, completely automated and computer monitored bakery and confectionery plant. By monitoring worldwide technological processes in the production of bakery products, and by developing our own production processes, we have been able to incessantly perfect the production of our existing products, as well as to invent new ones.

In its second decade of existence, PAN-PEK has introduced and implemented the quality management system ISO 9001:2000/EN ISO 9001:2000. The quality of products is controlled in each and every phase of production by using comprehensive microbiological controls.

PAN-PEK offers a wide pallet of products – from basic to special kinds of bread and pastr y, fresh and packaged cakes, as well as a variety of products that can be especially ordered. The main beacon of PAN-PEK is its market and market direction, and our aim is recognizing and satisfying the needs of our customers.

PAN-PEK sells its products in thirty specialized stores. We daily supply around two hundred medium-s ized and small stores, as well as all of the major hypermarkets, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, retirement homes and ma ny other individual buyers.

The biggest asset that PAN-PEK has succeeded in obtaining in the past period is the satisfaction of all our customers, from individual customers to the biggest stores.

Bon appetite from PAN-PEK!

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